Welcome to HEAL

We are looking forward to meeting you and your pet. Here are the important steps for your first visit.

Preparing for your First Visit:

Pre Visit Steps

Step 1:

Call us or email to make an appointment request

Call : 214-329-9454 and speak to one of our customer service representatives. We will discuss your pet needs and determine the best time for your first visit.

Or click here and make a request online. We will respond within 24 hours to the best time for your visit.

Step 2:

Obtain your pet’s previous medical history. Call your pet’s previous (or current if it is a consultation or referral) veterinarian, request the release of the medical records and have them faxed to us. A medical request form is below to download under FORMS.

Fax to:  214-329-9459

Special Consultation requests:


Our medical approach is customized to your pet and their needs. We also offer special appointment consultations for Rehabilitation and Acupuncture or Mobility needs. You will meet with Dr Barton and her team to discuss your pets needs to determine the best treatment plan for them. We offer 30 minute and 1 hour consultations. In some cases, Dr Barton may determine that your pets needs may require more time; at which time we will offer another appointment for you. We cannot extend the visit due to caring for other scheduled pets.

Please complete our online “New Patient Form” and bring it to your pet’s appointment.

We’ll see you soon!


To save you time, please take a few minutes to fill out our online new patient form before you arrive:

HEAL New Patient Form

A records request form can be downloaded if required.

Records Request Form


What to expect when you arrive

You will notice our lobby looks more like your living room than a medical office. This is by design.  Many pets may get stressed in unfamiliar surroundings so we try to create a home-like environment to make them feel more comfortable  To view our hospital click here

You will meet our official Ambassador, Skinny the Cat. Skinny was a rescue adopted by Dr Barton. He was abandoned in Richardson and found weighing 42 lbs. His work on the treadmill and a special diet him helped him get to his normal weight. Follow Skinny on his Facebook page

Skinny the Cat