RehabilitationPet Rehabilitation at HEAL

What is Pet Rehabilitation?

Rehabilitation for pets is very similar to human physical therapy.  Services are designed to help pets regain function and mobility after an injury or surgery.  Healing support is provided via modalities such as underwater and / or land treadmill exercises, physical exercise administered with the use of physio-balls, peanuts, obstacle courses, ramps and stairs, electrical stimulation to help with pain control and neurological function, LASER therapy to stimulate healing within joints and muscle groups, therapeutic ultrasound to help stimulate tissue healing and improve pliability of muscles, and manual therapy to assist in lengthening and function of muscles.

Rehabilitative services can also help pets with multi-joint arthritis maintain mobility and can help provide additional pain control.

Information for Referring Doctors

We offer acupuncture, pain management, rehabilitation, weight loss support, and conditioning on a referral basis.  We would be honored to work with your valued clients to further help you help them.

We will share all treatment recommendations, plans and visit notes with you on a timely and on-going basis.  It is our policy to refer your clients back to you for any treatment unrelated to the requested services.

To refer to HEAL Pet Rehabilitation, please complete and send this form along with complete patient medical records, all diagnostic results and copies of radiographs.

Treatments available:

  • Supported physical exercise
    • Professional land treadmill
    • Underwater treadmill
  • Therapeutic stretching
  • Balance and proprioceptive exercises
  • Laser Therapy
  • Thermotherapy
  • Cryotherapy
  • Acupuncture
  • Medical massage

Referred Clients

If your family veterinarian has sent you to us for additional support in the care of your pet, we do not extend primary care services.  If the need for additional treatments arises, we ask that you consult with your family veterinarian.

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